Xayah and Reikan from League of Legends: How to Play for These Heroes?

The arrival of Xayah and Reikan in the Summoner's Gorge provoked a strong reaction: the couple found themselves tied not only by history, but also by their skills, which were intensified when playing together. We offer to get acquainted with the opinions of professional players and learn how to play for these champions correctly, performing a deadly beautiful dance of blades and feathers. Today we will tell you everything about Xayah, the charming rebel!

You will be able to use this knowledge later when betting on https://lolbettings.com/ as the more you know about the game and its heroes, the better! It seems that Xayah and Reikan are inseparable. This game mechanics of the League of Legends was the first of its kind, and together with its appearance the community was divided into two camps: some thought that individually the birds would be weak, others were confident of the independence of these champions. It should be said that the latter were not mistaken. The fights of Xai in a team that can provide protracted battles and protection end in a stunning explosion of Call of Blades, and the graceful movements of Reikan without any problems can support even the craziest initiation of the allies.

Xayah : Gameplay and Challenges

As with any shooter with a short range of attack, Xayah often has to play on the closest opponent. They are based on enemy front - tanks and champions that are resistant to damage, forcing the rebel to gradually retreat under the cover of Deadly Feathers. It would seem that there is nothing pleasant in it, nevertheless, this course of events suits her most: attack after attack, step by step, Xayah spreads feathers all over the battlefield, leaving his opponents deadly mark - at some point it will collapse, pierce backs immobilized opponents and allow you to make the final move.

This style of play deprives the initiative, but thanks to him the right to make a mistake completely remains with the enemy: the longer the battle or pursuit continues, the more damage Shaya can inflict. Despite the fiery temper, the early game of the rebel does not shine with strengths: the majority of shooters are able to play with it on equal terms or to win in small skirmishes. Therefore, the main attention should be paid to the finishing of the minions and the game from the mistakes of the enemy - for example, the enemy support player came too close and was vulnerable to the attacks of the Vastai shooter.

With the first minor skirmishes, the power of Xayah begins to flourish, especially in the forest zone - it is there that most opponents fall under Call of Blades. And the fewer they are, the more valuable the rebel's absolute skill will be: luring the enemy’s key ability (for example, Orianna or Sindra’s ult), Xayah can leave an opponent with nothing and win the battle for the team almost alone.

Using the Call of Blades in narrow aisles allows you to cause maximum damage and immobilize most opponents. Do not be afraid to support your forester, if the advantage is on your side! Hope that this information will be useful if playing for the above-mentioned heroes!

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