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Video and audio recordings of selected Berkeley West Edge Opera productions are available by mail. Videos present the entire show, on DVD with stereo Dolby Digital sound, or on VHS Hi-Fi tape. Audio recordings are two-disc CD sets with the musical numbers from the show.

When ordering, specify DVD (-D), CD (-C), or VHS (-V). Not all formats are available for every show. Item numbers for each show are listed below.

To order: Download (pdf*) and print form, then fill out and mail to the address below:
* If you need a pdf reader, one may be found here.

Berkeley Opera
1700 Shattuck Avenue, Box 312
Berkeley CA 94709

Bat Out of Hell
(2004 production)

Bat Out of HellA new adaptation of of Johann Strauss, Jr.'s Die Fledermaus by David Scott Marley

Marley's brilliant adaptation gives a unique Berkeley spin to a tale that originally poked fun at the foibles of turn-of-the-century Vienna. Brought into our present time and place, it is fresher and funnier while remaining true to the spirit of the original.

Both recordings feature Jillian Khuner, Shawnette Sulker, Sonia Gariaeff, Martin Lewis, Jason Sarten, Fé Bongolan, Nicolas Aliaga. Available on DVD or CD only.

Two versions available:

Item BH1 - with Stephen Rumph and Richard Goodman

Item BH2 - with Ross Halper and Wayne Wong

The Riot Grrrl on Mars
(2002 production)

The Riot Grrrl on MarsA new adaptation of Rossini's L'Italiana in Algeri by David Scott Marley

Rossini's commedia dell'arte farce undergoes a riotous transformation, but the shenanigans are timeless. There's no stopping a woman bent on interplanetary rescue — the men (Martian or Earthling) can only gape and dodge while she ferrets out her missing lover and twists her galactic opponent around her finger. Berkeley Opera blasts the bel canto world into a new higher-energy orbit with this new adaptation. Musical direction by Jonathan Khuner, stage direction by Andrew Morgan.

Two versions available:

Item RG1 - Sonia Gariaeff, Stephen Rumph, Cliff Romig, Wayne Wong, Sylvia Eowyn Bloom, Ariela Morgenstern, Nicolas Aliaga

Item RG2 - Marie Bafus, Andrew Morgan, Richard Goodman, Martin Bell, Eileen Morris, Ariela Morgenstern, Nicolas Aliaga (DVD not available for RG2)

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