Rexxar from Hearthstone: The History of the Legendary Hero

Rexxar is one of the most colorful heroes of World of Warcraft. Sit back and get ready to go on an exciting journey and adventure with the legendary hunter. Today you will learn the story of the great Hero of the Horde. Draenor - the original home of the Orcs - was full of danger. Wild elements, wild beasts... And ogres, derived from the ancient forces. These huge monsters waged war against the orcs for many centuries, which ultimately gave rise to deep hatred between them. Nevertheless, despite all the disagreements, at some point half-eyed people began to appear. Someone said that this was the work of shamans who wanted to cross the power of the ogres and the sharp mind of the orcs. Others believe that some orcs and ogres were tired of violence and eternal hostility and settled together in secluded parts of the continent.

The Story of Rexxar

Before you click here and start betting, learn more about the legendary hero. Rexxar was just one of the half-ogres. He was born to the peaceful Mok’Nathal tribe. His father was a half-fat Leorox, and his mother was from an Orc tribe. Mok’Natal were pacifists: not verbose and often sullen. They respected and appreciated the land and the gifts it gives. “To become a part of Mok’natal, you don’t have to be born a half-breed,” Leorox himself says in the future. Anyone who shares the Mok’Nathal philosophy, regardless of origin, is accepted into the clan.

Years after Rexxar was born, the Burning Legion's gaze fell on Draenor. As a result of the fact that Gul’dan swore allegiance to Qil’jaeden - one of the powerful demons and the deputy of Sargeras - and accepted the blood of Mannoroth as a gift, the orcs turned into bloodthirsty monsters, thirsting for blood endlessly. Gul’dan united the scattered orc clans into the Horde, putting Blackhand at the head, although in essence he was just a puppet, while the true power belonged to the warlock. First, the orcs, intoxicated with demonic blood, killed the draenei, burned their cities and villages (which Kil’jaeden wanted).

After most of the draenei were cut, Kiljedden left Draenor, leaving the orcs to die in lands devastated by demonic magic. Orcs left without an enemy began to kill each other. At that moment, the wizard Medivh, obsessed with the spirit of Sargeras, offered them a way out: together with Gul’dan they opened a portal connecting Draenor and Azeroth, so that the orcs could invade a new world and quench their thirst for violence. Despite the protests of his father, Rexxar joined the orcs. Together with him went the faithful friend wolf Harata.

During one of the battles with the Alliance, Rexxar was noticed by a wounded Orc warlock. “Half-breed!” The orc exclaimed, and his hand shone with demonic fire. The warlock intended to kidnap the life forces of Rexxar with the help of dark magic, thereby preserving life for himself. But the wolf of Harata, protecting Rexxar, jumped on the warlock, taking the blow. As soon as the green flame touched his skin, the wolf crumbled into dust. So, Rexxar first encountered the betrayal of the orcs.

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