Tips for Writing a Good Essay-Response

To pass exams on A-grades, students need to have a lot of different skills, among which essay writing takes a special place. It is necessary to have not only theoretical knowledge of the subject, but also the ability to give a detailed answer in the genre of the essay. There are a lot of exams, where a student is offered to determine the main idea of the text, make a language analysis and write the essay-response to the main topic.

All parts of the essay should be logically arranged and compositionally correctly arranged, which is not as easy as ABC. If you don't have time to do this the right way, it is better to use the help and get a high-quality essay. If you have several minutes, look through the useful tips for writing an essay-response. Keep in mind that the difference between a written speech and an oral one is that written speech is always purposeful.

Which Skills Is Essay Writing Intended to Check?

An essay written on a certain text as an expanded response based on the proposed topic is able to provide the teacher with the clear picture of the formation of individual communicative skills among students. Check which skills are being checked with the help of an essay below. You should be able to:

  • >  analyze the content and problems of the text;
  • >  comment on the problems of the source text, the position of the author;
  • >  express and argue your own opinion;
  • >  consistently and logically express your thoughts;
  • >  use in speech a variety of grammatical forms and lexical richness of the language;
  • >  show the practical literacy - the formulation of statements in accordance with the orthographic, punctuation, grammatical and lexical norms of the modern literary language.

It is important to know how to write a response essay as your practical writing skills can give an idea of whether you can correctly express your point of view, which is important not only for successful educational activity, but also for further professional education and personal growth.

What Makes a Good Essay-Response?

Students are often given a task to read the text and provide the complete linguistic analysis. In fact, you need to understand the basic idea of the source text, because this is how you can reveal the topic of the essay. You should also agree or disagree with the opinion of the author of the text, to give a number of arguments proving your position.

In the text of the work, there should be a place for the formulation of the basic thought of the source text, an analysis with an explanation of the use of these linguistic means, and an explanation of how you understand these nuances of meaning. There must be a place for your personal opinion, which is vital for the successful essay. Check the response essay example before you get started.

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